Bankruptcy Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

Financial problems are part of inevitable hardship. Facing numerous unsecured debts is entirely normal. There are really some things that are unavoidable. However, keep in mind that there is always a solution to every problem. If you’re one of the millions of Arizona citizens who intend to have debt relief in the midst of illness, job loss, and among other things, filing for Bankruptcy can definitely help.

There are numerous Bankruptcy lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, but selecting the right one is important. If you are in a bad financial situation, have been harassed by creditors, have spent money on debt settlement firms, medical bills, and so on, Phoenix Fresh Start is the right one for you. Our skillful Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you achieve a meaningful fresh start, not just get out of debt. We execute a higher level of care and quality in our over 18 years of bankruptcy experience to assist you in achieving financial freedom. If you are considering filing bankruptcy, contact our free consultation attorney now! 

Why do I need a Bankruptcy Attorney in Phoenix?

While it is not required by law, many people believe it is important to seek legal help. This is because bankruptcy laws are complicated to understand, and the bankruptcy process can be time-consuming if you do not fully grasp the entire concept. Getting legal counsel entails not only finding a bankruptcy lawyer near you, but also finding the right one. Hence, one should look at the qualities and background of the bankruptcy law firm. In doing so, keep in mind the following qualities that your bankruptcy lawyer must possess:

  • Provides Overall Relief – Simply discharging your debts will not be enough to rebuild your life and have a fresh start. It takes an overall approach to return to the financial mainstream, not just from “past due” to “discharged in bankruptcy.” Choose a bankruptcy law firm whose goal is to rebuild your credit score so you can rent a house, apply for a car loan, and do other things.
  • Affordable Legal Service – Pick a bankruptcy law firm that makes filing for bankruptcy affordable. Most people avoid hiring an attorney because it gives the impression that they are spending more money. Look for a law firm that accepts little or no payment before filing for bankruptcy. 
  • Proven Competence – Experience is, indeed, required. However, experience without demonstrated competence cannot guarantee excellent service. Always look into the background and reviews. Hire the services of an experienced bankruptcy firm to ensure a high standard of satisfaction and care in your representation.

Keeping the following good qualities in mind can greatly help in selecting the right bankruptcy attorney. Why look any further when these are just a few of the characteristics of Phoenix Fresh Start? Not only do we assist you in getting out of debt, but we also provide an overall fresh start to get you back on track. Our affordable bankruptcy gives our clients the option to pay right after the bankruptcy petition was filed in order to lessen the burden. If you want to talk about your case, schedule a free case evaluation now!

What is Bankruptcy?

 filing bankruptcy arizonaBankruptcy process in Arizona makes no difference from filing bankruptcy in other states. Arizona state law does not prevail as this falls under the jurisdiction of federal law. In other ways, Arizona’s law also comes into play, such as determining whether you can keep your property or not. 

There are various types of bankruptcy, not just one, that helps you in times of illness, foreclosure, job loss, divorce, etc. Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 are the types of bankruptcy, which can give you a fresh start. Depending on the circumstance, filing for bankruptcy can aid you in wiping out your debts and a good financial start. 

What Happens When You File for Bankruptcy?

Knowing what happens when you file for bankruptcy is a good way to better understand the process. To give an overview, below are the things you should remember when filing for bankruptcy: 

  • A fresh start can give you a great opportunity to enhance your financial future.
  • You can retain some, if not all, of your personal assets and properties.
  • Your creditors can be required to refrain from conducting debt collection activities

Other than freeing you from numerous debt collection actions and phone calls, a debt relief can also have disadvantages that every person should take note of. The disadvantages of bankruptcy filing are as follows:

  • For 7-10 years, bankruptcy filing can remain on your credit profile. 
  • As soon as you obtain financing, bankruptcy can result in higher interest rates. 
  • You will be obliged by a court order to take a credit counseling course.
  • Bankruptcy cannot be used to discharge mountains of debt for 4-8 years, depending on the type of bankruptcy you filed. 

Select The Right Type of Bankruptcy

Before declaring bankruptcy, you must weigh all of the benefits and drawbacks. You must review and fully understand the nature of each chapter with the guidance of a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney. To give you an idea, here are the types of bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7: Quicker than any type of bankruptcy; debts are completely forgiven with only few exemptions.
  • Chapter 11: A bit confusing type of business bankruptcy, which entails debt restructurings and reorganizations.
  • Chapter 12: Debt repayment and relief plans for family fishermen and family farmers. 
  • Chapter 13: Suitable for income earners that seek to stop foreclosures and other unpleasant debt recovery actions.

Call our Bankruptcy Attorney Now!

Bankruptcy not only relieves you of unmanageable debts but also allows you to start over financially. But, as we all know, the process is pretty complicated, from the various types of bankruptcy to the filing itself. You might find the terms and conditions of a bankruptcy petition to be difficult to understand. Hence, seeking assistance from a skilled bankruptcy lawyer will never leave you in doubt.

Phoenix Fresh Start will make things simple for you. Other than offering an affordable bankruptcy service, what you will receive is an overall solution to your financial hardship. Our wide knowledge and experience in handling numerous bankruptcy cases can give you a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Other than Chapter 7 bankruptcy, our team also handles Chapter 13. Set a free consultation now, and let’s talk about your case!