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Credit Card Debts are taken for granted by many people. Many individuals are unaware that they can be sued for unpaid debts. If you fail to make a credit card payment occasionally, your interest rate and credit score will suffer. The worrying part is that your credit card companies may delegate your account to a debt collector after 4-5 months. Thus, having credit card debts is more serious than you think. If you are experiencing this, you should contact an experienced credit card attorney in Phoenix.

Phoenix Fresh Start is an experienced, passionate, and reputable bankruptcy law firm in Phoenix. We offer debt relief services to help people get out of debt.  Our extensive experience in handling complex debt cases enables us to provide a personalized and exceptional service. If you or someone is suffering from Credit Card debt, call our office now!

Why do I need a Credit Card Debt Attorney in Arizona?

Credit Card Debt attorney phoenixUndoubtedly, filing a bankruptcy petition or handling credit card debts is a complex procedure. The rules are complicated, and achieving the best outcomes requires the services of an expert bankruptcy attorney. Before hiring a bankruptcy attorney, keep the following good characteristics in mind:

  • Experienced. Your mind will be more at peace if you hire a bankruptcy lawyer who has handled similar cases for years than a lawyer who is just getting started. Using their significant years of studying and practicing bankruptcy will enable them to handle your cases effectively. If you want to save time and money, consider hiring an experienced attorney.
  • Reputable. Your bankruptcy attorney must also be well-known and reputable in the state. It should at the very least be a member of several professional associations, allowing it to be recognized by a large number of people. You will have a significant advantage if your bankruptcy attorney is credible. This also provides you with additional assurance that you will be able to receive satisfactory debt settlement services.
  • Affordable. Choose someone who understands how to put themselves in their clients’ shoes. This includes offering affordable legal services. Your bankruptcy attorney should be able to explain the attorney fees to you in detail. He or she should be open to negotiation on manageable monthly payments.

Phoenix Fresh Start is a reputable Arizona law firm. We have been in the bankruptcy field for over 18 years. With our extensive experience, we have established a solid reputation in the state. Tom McAvity is well-known as a Top Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney. With affiliations including, but are not limited to, the Oregon State Bar, the Arizona State Bar, the Better Business Bureau, Bankruptcy Boot Camp, and many others. Moreover, we are willing to negotiate the fees. We can make changes to suit your needs. You can request for a free consultation to have your case evaluated!

What is Credit Card Debt?

When you get a credit card, you sign an agreement, either electronically or in writing. That agreement outlines both your rights and the rights of your credit card company. If you fail or fall behind on making the necessary payments on credit card bills, you will violate the agreement. If this occurs, the credit card company may decide to sue you. Below are the available defenses to credit card lawsuits:

Statute of Limitations – the debt age is too old

The statute of limitations is a legitimate defense wherein you will assert that the collection agency cannot sue you because of the debt’s age. Every state provides the time frame for how long the debtor retains his right to collect the debt. Normally, it ranges from 3 to 10 years.   

Unable to State a Claim

Almost every state requires the debt collector or credit card companies to include all the pertinent documents to the complaint. These documents should include the original contract or any other document proving that the company owns the debt and is suing you. If the debt collector or credit card company fails to attach the said documents, you may argue that their claim is bereft of merit.

Invalid Service of the Complaint

All states’ laws specify where and when the credit card company must provide you with proper notice of a lawsuit. It usually happens in a standard and legal service when the creditor’s agent sends you a copy of the lawsuit. The latter can also be left with someone over the age of 15 at your residence. 

If the credit card company simply leaves the notice of lasuit with anyone or your neighbor, it will be considered invalid service. It is also illegal to simply leave the notice on your doorstep. If the credit card company invalidated the notification, you could have a valid argument that this is an invalid service.

Filing for Discovery

You may file a discovery request to compel the credit card company to provide all pertinent information. If you believe the credit card company has the necessary documents to back up your claims, you may file a request.  The request must state clearly and concisely why you necessitate those documents and why they are relevant to your case.

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In seeking for efficient debt help, what you need is a good bankruptcy lawyer. There are tons of great bankruptcy lawyers out there, but Phoenix Fresh Start provides the best assurance of getting a satisfactory debt management service. Collection agencies, such as credit card companies or debt collectors, can be frustrating. Knowing that they have the legal right to sue you can cause you a lot of nervousness. To consolidate these financial problems of yours, hiring an experienced, reputable, and affordable bankruptcy law firm is a wise decision. 

If you or someone you know requires legal assistance in responding to a credit card debt lawsuit or any bankruptcy concerns, you can schedule a free consultation today. We are experts in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


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