If you are considering filing for bankruptcy in Phoenix, you may find the links on this page helpful in making your decision. You can learn more about bankruptcy in general and possible alternatives to bankruptcy. We also discuss a few common scenarios that may apply to you.

Determine if Bankruptcy is Right for You?

Considering Bankruptcy?

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may give you a fresh start to a new financial future.

Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice for You?

Bankruptcy a not a good idea in some situations or if it is good, it may not be the right time to file bankruptcy.

Retirement & Bankruptcy

Elderly Americans often find themselves in difficult financial situations. Here are some things to think about before filing.

File for Bankruptcy or Do Nothing?

There are some situations where it is better not to file for bankruptcy. Time is sometimes on your side.

Bankruptcy Alternatives

Bankruptcy is not the right choice for everyone. Check this out to find out if an alternative to bankruptcy is better for you.

Bankruptcy FAQ’s

Here are some common questions and answers about filing for bankruptcy in Phoenix.

Lawsuits and Bankruptcy

Not all lawsuits go away when you file bankruptcy in Phoenix. Check here to find out more.

Bankruptcy and Taxes

You need to have your taxes up-to-date when you file for bankruptcy but you timing is everything when it comes to bankruptcy and taxes.

Can Bankruptcy Help with My Student Loans?

Student loan debt is a common problem that forces many people into bankruptcy. In some cases, you may be able to reduce your student loan payments, but rarely will student loans be discharged altogether.

Common Bankruptcy Scenarios

  • I am on social security but I have a lot of debt. Should I file bankruptcy?
  • My credit score is good but I have a huge amount of debt. Should I file for bankruptcy?
  • Should use my retirement saving to pay off my debt?
  • I am married but can I file for bankruptcy without my spouse?
  • I have a judgement against me. Is it too late to file for bankruptcy?
  • I haven’t filed taxes in years. Can I still file for bankruptcy?
  • My house has equity. Can I file for bankruptcy?
  • I have a reverse mortgage. Will that be a problem in bankruptcy?
  • Should I file bankruptcy jointly with my spouse?