Why Should I Hire Phoenix Fresh Start Bankruptcy Attorneys?

There are a ton of bankruptcy firms in the Phoenix area and they all have a free consultation attorney. But, as someone in a bad financial position, you may have been harassed by creditors, thrown money away to debt settlement companies, been hit out of nowhere by amedical bill or unexpected layoff. By now, you are in a pretty selective state of mind, and you want to be careful about your next steps.

Why should you choose our team as opposed to another qualified bankruptcy law firm?

Here’s what makes my team different and hopefully the right choice for you

We aren’t just here to move debts from column A to column B, or more accurately from column “Past Due” to column “Discharged in Bankruptcy.” That is obviously important, but, at the end of the day what most of our clients are looking for is a meaningful first start. The best way to get back in the financial mainstream such that you can start participating economically in life again is rebuilding your credit score so that you have the power of choice again when selecting car loans, renting houses of applying for mortgages. To that end, we pay a company to help you rebuild your credit score after the case is completed. Their mission is to help you get back in the mid-700s within 18 months after discharge.

Probably most importantly, we make bankruptcy affordable. All too often earlier in my career, I would hear clients complain about fees. Once I named our price, I could almost mouth the words as they were saying them, “If I could afford to come up with all that money before filing bankruptcy, I wouldn’t need to file bankruptcy. We now give clients the option of paying little and often nothing towards their attorney fees prior to filing bankruptcy and then paying their fees afterward in manageable monthly payments.

We see it as our job to actually listen to and really “get” our clients – where they’re coming from, what their values are, and what they want to achieve. In a free consultation, we make a point of explaining everything in clear action-oriented language. We make an effort to translate “bankruptcy-ese” into everyday English. I get frustrated and a little embarrassed when I talk to a plumber or a contractor and I can only understand every fifth word they say as I try to mine my way through their industry jargon. I don’t want to do that when people come to see us.

We bring a wealth of bankruptcy experience to the table. I have been practicing bankruptcy for over eighteen years and have supervised well over 4500 bankruptcy filings. My closest associate has been practicing bankruptcy for over fifteen years and he has worked for me for nearly a decade. My two main paralegals have each been working solely with bankruptcy clients for over a decade each.

This isn’t, as they say, our first time at the rodeo. Our experience ensures a certain level of quality and care in your representation that isn’t available everywhere else. As I click through bankruptcy firms online, I find that, if I look closely, many free consultation attorney running firms in the Phoenix area have been at it for only a few years. Do you really want to be a new bankruptcy attorney’s learning experience?

In essence, we are good at what we do and believe strongly in the whole idea of bankruptcy. What’s life without second chances? I have been lucky enough in life to have been blessed with second chances and if I were really honest about it, third and fourth ones as well. You deserve another chance to get your financial house in order and start living your life again.

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Please call Phoenix Fresh Start Bankruptcy Attorneys to schedule a private, completely confidential meeting with our free consultation attorney. It won’t cost you anything, but the benefits for your peace of mind will be priceless. Looking forward to hearing from you shortly. ~Tom McAvity